The H.F. Gerold Construction Company originated in 1947 by H.F. Gerold, a retired Rear Admiral in the SeaBee
Branch for the U.S. Navy. The companies main line of work was sewer and water line installation.  After years of
working by his fathers side, John P. Gerold, son of H.F. Gerold,  became president of the company in the late 60's.
During this time, he slowly began to perform duties in the asphalt industry such as preparing trenches for Columbia
Gas. Soon after he was paving for customers such as Cedar Point, Erie County and local townships. John resigned as
president of the company and the position went to third generation Bradley J. Gerold in 1987. With over 60 years of
continued growth and customer satisfaction, Gerold Construction continues to promise exceptional performance by
every member of the construction team.
1st Generation

H.F. Gerold

1947 - 1968
2nd Generation

John P. Gerold


3rd Generation

Bradley J. Gerold

3716 Columbus Avenue
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
Phone:     419- 625-4962
Toll Free:  1-888-775-3907  
Fax:             419-625-8460
Email:  geroldconstr@bex.net